Okta: identity for the internet 2023

Octa: identity for the internet

Okta: identity for the internet, Octa’s vision is a world where anyone can safely use any technology: protecting the identity of all users, asking “what more can we do?”

Kovid-19 focused on the transition to cloud computing before the crisis. Now IT managers cite secure employee access as their primary focus, in large part thanks to the explosion of remote working. “One of the best parts of the rapid change in remote working is the need to move quickly and safely,” says Brock Dooling,

Okta: identity for the internet
Okta: identity for the internet

Okta Partner Engineer, Alliance. “Data breaches are on the rise this year as poor actors take advantage of a changing weak IT environment.” Octa is a trusted platform to secure every identity from customers to employees. Over 10,000 organizations rely on Octa software and APIs to sign, authorize and manage users.

As Doling says, “Employees, customers, consumers must rely on your technology to trust your business and your brand. We believe that trust at the heart of everything we do is the only way for technology to reach its full potential. ”

Getting the right identity is really important – but complicated. Customers can use Okta to allow their users to login with a user / password or by using pre-defined login components from their social accounts such as Google or Okta Facebook. “Once the user has logged in, you can retrieve their user profile to customize the user interface according to their role.

You can use Octa to secure your APIs and app backends so that only authorized users and apps can call them. Octa customers can use their existing stack to connect, protect their APIs, and live their lives! ”

This message is not lost on Okta colleagues. Recently, CTO of lifecycle management service provider Precidio Dave Trader told us: “Octa has been a great help in managing secure user authentication, while also allowing developers to create identity checks for apps, website web services and devices. ” He often suggests Okta for its ability to support major security platforms, like the Cisco Duo.

At Okta, we believe that if you want to get away from it all, you walk together,” confirms Dooling. As a leading North American IT solutions provider focused on digital infrastructure, business analytics, cloud, security and emerging solutions, it is expected to partner with Presidio. We want partners like Precidio to have a similar vision and have a significant impact on the market. ”

Password usage is extremely low, so automating user authentication is high on the developer agenda. Okta FastPass already provides passwordless logins using default authentication implemented by user-specific certificates only through biometric capabilities.

It enables passwordless authentication on any device you need to do your work on any device, without joining Active Directory or depending on a specific enterprise mobility management provider ( EMM) or mobile device management (MDM). Customers will be able to sign in to any octa managed app from any device or location. ”

On March 4, 2021, Okta acquired an additional authorization platform. He will continue to support and develop Auth0, with an eventual integration approach. “Together, we will shape the future of identity on the Internet,” promises Brock Dooling that the choices, flexibility and value we provide to customers will be incredible: a comprehensive set of identity use cases from Okta and Orgu, and the addresses of our identity platforms are robust and extensible enough to serve the world’s largest organizations and the most innovative developers. “

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