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Swine flu Precautions – 15 Life Saving Steps

15 Life-Saving Precautions To Be Followed To Get Rid Of Swine-Flu.Swine flu (H1N1) Virus is a contagious disease claimed as many as 1,158 lives till day and the persons diagnosed with positive are increasing dramatically.FeverRunny noseCough   Body achesSore throat   HeadacheVomitingChillsFatigueDiarrhoea"Prevention is better than Cure".Here are some of the preventive measures about this Airborne disease which can save our lives.1. Following healthy hygiene minimizes the risk of attack. Use disposable tissues/hankie to protect yourself.2. Never rub your eyes , nose or mouth when you are in the public. You may get infected if contacted with one.3. If you come around any person with severe cold and coughing in the public. Keep a safe distance from there.4. If you yourself...

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