4 Hidden Weight Loss Mistakes Everyone Makes

One of the most common reasons why the people give up on their fatless journey is because they can’t see any progress despite putting effort and doing everything right. It quite understandable but rather than quitting altogether, I recommend to step back and pinpoint exactly what it is doing that prevents from losing fat. There are some hidden mistakes people make that prevents you from losing fat despite your hard work. Here, I am going to explain what those mistakes and how to correct them, so that you can start burning the fat and see the result you are after.

4 Hidden Mistakes Everyone Make When Trying To Losing Fat

1. Underestimating Calorie Intake

The first and the most common mistake people don’t realise they are making is underestimating the calorie intake, that is people unknowingly you are overeating that prevents you from losing fat. This is the mistake that 99.9% of people make when they claim that they don’t eat more calories but still struggling to lose fat.
2. Checking Your Weight

The second mistake people are not properly weighing themselves. Most people do is weigh themselves periodically every week or so. The problem with this the weight fluctuate quite a bit in the start but the overall trend is download. So, while checking the weights at random days most people see people notice only little changes for their hard work which results them in quitting. But if you check your weights daily, you can see result quite clearly. Therefore, we advise everyone to stop checking weight at random days and start checking weights daily and make note of the changes.

3. Overestimation & Eating Back Calories Burned

A lot of people find that after doing an intense workout they are hungry and feels that they should eat more to compensate for the calories they have burned. But the research states that people eat significant portion or exceeding the number of calories they have burned which can slow down and/or prevent fat loss altogether.

4. Body Recomposition

The last mistake is people don’t realise that they are going through body recomposition. Most people think of fat loss is number on the weighing machine, they assume that if their weight is not going down then they are not losing any fat. But this isn’t always the case, if you are relatively ‘new to training’ or ‘coming back from Time Off’ or ‘started taking training/nutrition seriously’ then you are more likely to experience something called Body Recomposition, this is where your body lose fat and grow muscle which results your weight remain same and this makes people lose hope. So keep track your body pressing by taking pictures and measurements.

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