Top Natural Cold Prevention Hints

Top Natural Cold Prevention Hints

  • Suryabhedi Pranayama:

Why do this Pranayama regularly. Repeat it for 3-5 minutes, will assist in treating nasal and respiratory congestions.

Top Natural Cold Prevention Hints, planwithpro

  • Nose cleansing:

The stuff nose cleaning with saline hot water is helpful in opening or clearing the nasal congestion.

  • Gargling:

Do gargling thrice a day. Gargling should be carried out with warm water mixing salt in it.

  • Hurry:

Adequate rest is extreme important. It can help you to conserve energy and to certain extent boost your immunity.

  • Natural hot beverages:

Herbal soup and herbal teas are beneficial in treating and avoidance of cold. In typical cold, an individual should prefer to choose basil tea, mixed vegetable soup, Ginger, mint & Tulsi tea, Ginger tea, basil decoction, wheat malt and dry ginger coffee.

  • Cold fighting foods:

Require sufficient number of cold fighting foods i.e. food rich in vitamin C, chilies, blueberries, cranberries, black and green tea.

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