How to Create a Survey in WordPress?

Do you wish to make an online survey for the WordPress website?

Surveys allow you to gather important information that you can use them to make data-driven choices. For instance, you could determine the new features you should bring out or if people were impressed by an advertising campaign in particular.

In this post we will demonstrate how you can easily create a survey using WordPress and produce stunning reports.

Selecting the Most Effective Survey Tool for WordPress

There are numerous online services that permit users to build surveys and then embed them on WordPress sites. The drawback to these types of forms is that their data will be stored in third party servers, and there are very few options for customization.

Certain of these forms are also restricted to the amount of responses you can gather. You will have to pay for more responses and these services come with high monthly fees.

Wouldn’t it be great to conduct surveys on your own site without having to rely to third-party services?

This is the point where WPForms comes into. It’s the most effective WordPress plugin for form building that is currently in use by more than five million websites. It comes with the WPForms questionnaire feature, users will receive the following features:

  • A powerful drag-and-drop form-builder that can build surveys
  • Smart survey fields include rating, Likert Scale, and many more
  • A conditional logic system to personalize survey fields according to user input
  • Interactive reports on surveys using bars and graphs, charts and tables
  • Ability to export graphs from surveys in JPEG PDF, JPEG, or Print Formats
  • Survey results of export as CSV files to use elsewhere

Let’s examine how you can easily make surveys and then add them to the WordPress website.

Create a Survey with WordPress

The first thing you have be able to install is activate and configure your WPForms plugin. For more information, refer to our step-by step guide for the steps to installing the WordPress plugin.

WPForms survey and surveys add-on is included in Their Pro plans. WPBeginner users are able to use their WPForms Coupon to enjoy 50% off the entire range of WPForms licenses.

Once the plugin has been activated, you must go to the WPForms’ settings page to input the license keys. You will find this information in your login on WPForms website.

After that, go to the WPForms Addons page, and look down until you see the Surveys as well as Polls addon.

Click on the “Install” option to download and enable the survey add-on.

Now it is time to design a survey.

You must visit WPForms’ Create New page to build an entirely new form. This will open your WPForms Form Builder interface which allows you to select from a variety of pre-built form templates.

In the beginning, you must give a name to the survey form. Click to open the Survey Form template.

The form will be loaded with a feedback form template, with a variety of fields already included in the form.

It is easy to mouse click and point to modify any field, arrange them using the drag-and-drop feature, or even remove these fields entirely from your forms. Additionally, you can add new fields to the form in the column left.

WPForms can support all the common fields for forms that include dropdowns and radio buttons, checkboxes like Likert scale and the ability to input text, rating scale and other fields. This makes it simple for you to design highly interactive surveys.

WPForms also comes with conditionsal logic that means you can tailor your survey questions according to user input into one of the fields previously mentioned.

Once you’ve completed the form, select the ‘Save’ button to save the form’s settings.

Then, click on the Settings tab, and then select Confirmations from the WPForms form builder.

You can select whether to display a message or page, and redirect users to a URL after they complete the survey.

Apart from that, WPForms also lets you alter the notification settings which means you will receive emails each time the user completes your survey.

Click on the close button in order to close your form creator.

Incorporating The Survey Form on Your WordPress Website

WPForms allows you to include your forms everywhere on your site. You can easily include your survey on any WordPress post or webpage or custom post type or sidebar.

It allows you to use the form builder tool to embed the form on the same or a different page. Simply click the “Embed” button on the top.

Then, a pop-up window will appear, and you’ll be able to choose whether you’d like to make the page from scratch or use one already created.

Choose “Create New Page’ for this instructional video.

Next, you’ll have to create a name to your page.

After you have named your survey page, click on the “Let’s Go” button.

The plugin now embeds your survey form onto the new page.

You can also add an WPForms block to your content editor and choose your survey type by selecting it from your dropdown menu.

The form in your content editor.

After you have finished editing, you can publish your survey. Your website can be accessed to see your form in action.

It also lets you easily incorporate your survey into any widget-ready sidebar.

Just go onto your Appearance > Widgets page of your WordPress admin area , and then include the WordPress widget block to your sidebar.

Within the settings for widgets, choose the survey you made earlier in the dropdown menu. And make sure you click the update button to save the changes you made.

Now, you can go to your site to view your survey forms displayed on the sidebar.

Reviewing the Results of Your Survey

WPForms provides results from surveys in stunning graphs and charts. It is also possible to print survey results and then export the results to your preferred spreadsheet program.

To see your survey’s results, go to WPForms > The All Forms page. Click on the link “Survey Results” beneath your survey form.

On the page with results On the page with results, you’ll view your responses to the survey in an interactive chart as well as tables.

You can export your responses to a single question or the complete survey.

At the top, you’ll find the option to switch between different kinds of charts as well as export choices.

You can save your individual results from surveys in JPEG or PDF formats, as well as Print formats, so you can present them in slides blogs, presentations or even on social media.

Convert Any Form into a Survey

It also lets you transform any form into one that is a survey and display the results of previous surveys as a survey. You can even choose specific fields from the form that you wish to make survey fields.

This is particularly helpful when you are trying to collect data using other forms, such as the Contact request form, user registration or newsletter sign-up forms.

To transform your existing WPForms form into a survey, edit the form within WPForms and go to Settings >Surveys and Polls section. It is necessary to check on the box that says ‘Enable Reporting for Surveys option’ and save your modifications.

To enable the reporting of surveys for specific fields on the form just edit the form , then select the field you would like to make.

In the Field Options section to your left You must select Advanced options, and then select the “Enable Survey Reporting” checkbox.

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