Social media alternatives if you’re planning on flying the Twitter coop

The ownership of Elon Musk’s Twitter has led to some unintended effects to the giant social network, which could allow other rival platforms develop.

A plethora of users have left Twitter and celebrities have also left since Musk is the new CEO as per multiple news reports. The company’s internal documents put the number of users who quit at the high hundreds of thousands according to the Guardian saidSingers Toni Braxton and Sara Bareilles as well as Producers Shonda Rhimes, and Ken Olin tweeted in recent days that they’d decided to leave the social media site. It’s not known whether or where these celebrities are moving onto other platforms.

If you’re planning to quit Twitter in the near future Here are five alternative platforms that could meet your social media requirements.


CounterSocial claims to be the new class of media by stating “No trolls. No abuse. No ads. No fake-news. No foreign influence ops.” The social media platform, which was founded with the help of an unidentified U.S. hacker who goes under an online name “the Jester,” has 63.8 million monthly users as per the web site. The platform offers users the ability to stream live news and entertainment, as well as the capability to build online communities, and also a online video chat function. It’s accessible on mobile devices as well as on desktops.

CounterSocial however, isn’t available everywhere. CounterSocial has closed its services to users in China, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia and Syria — nations which “are well known to be origin points of an overwhelming majority of bots and trolls,” CounterSocial states at its web site. The decision to block certain countries is a decision made by the company’s business which has led to criticism of the platform, notably from Mastodon the founder Eugen Rochko. He declared the move racist and xenophobic. and racist.


In 2015, Discord was created to provide gamers over 13 an easy way to connect when playing video games, Discord has evolved into a popular social media platform that has 150 million monthly active users.

More structured like online chatrooms of the internet’s early days There aren’t any open spaces for public use on Discord there are only rooms based on topics where users can exchange music and make video or voice calls.

Discord users Discord have the ability to connect with large-scale groups for discussions on topics such as Minecraft or Fortnite however, Discord is mostly comprised from “private, invite-only spaces for groups of friends and communities to stay in touch and spend time together,” according to the Discord website.

Discord has also been the subject of negative criticism for instances of cyberbullying as well as use of extremist organizations. In 2018, Discord was the focus of an Daily Beast article about revenge porn.

Available for Android as well as iOS phones, Discord also has a video chat feature that lets users to stream music with friends through Spotify.


LinkedIn is primarily known as the professional’s social networking site. The Microsoft-owned platform has introduced a few social media-friendly functions in recent years, like the news feed and live streaming.

Similar to Twitter, LinkedIn allows users to publish posts, video, images as well as links to other sites. LinkedIn comes with the added benefit of aiding users develop new skills using LinkedIn Learning (formerly and also apply for job openings.

LinkedIn was first launched in 2003, and Microsoft purchased it in the year of the year 2016. It has now surpassed 875 million users in accordance with the company’s web site. LinkedIn has had to deal with fake accounts on its platform However, LinkedIn is intensifying efforts to remove these accounts, CNN reported this week.


With “toots” instead of “tweets,” Mastodon was launched in 2016 by German designer Eugen Rochko, who was looking for a better alternative to Twitter. Similar to Twitter, Mastodon can be access via mobile apps or via a desktop web site.

One key differentiator among Mastodon as opposed to Twitter is the fact that Mastodon is an open source projectmeaning that the software that powers the service doesn’t belong to any one corporation. There are also no ads.

A few users are already beginning to move to Mastodon. The platform added 22139 new accounts in the past week and 10,801 just one day following Musk was appointed the new CEO of Twitter, according to the Washington Post. Mastodon currently has more than 380,000 active monthly users just a tiny portion from Twitter’s 237.8 million active daily users The Washington Post said.


Reddit isn’t an online social media site strictly speaking, however it is rather an online forum. The majority of people who visit Reddit make use of it to post comments on the latest happenings in media, pop culture, or other niche areas. It was founded by the entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian, husband of tennis superstar Serena Williams.

The most notable feature for Reddit can be found in its subreddits. Subreddits are small online groups on the site which users can discuss an almost limitless variety of topics, from gossip about celebrities to pet health issues to the universe. There are subreddits devoted to famous people, historical figures, political parties and sports teams.

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