Nature cure for Amenorrhoea

Nature cure for Amenorrhoea

There Are a Number of naturopathy remedies, which can be important in providing relief from Amenorrhoea

  • 1.It is suggested that the patient must take fruits or vegetable Juice for three days subject to state that she should not be feeble.

  • 2.If her health permits, it’s better to be on fruits, fruits & vegetable juices for 10 days.

  • 3.It’s preferable to take Enema one or two times a day under the supervision of naturopathy specialist.

  • 4.One should take slitz bath in the morning and in the evening; she Now, take a bath Followed by wiping of your system with towel and then dry towel.

  • 5.Wet sand pack on the abdominal area is a good idea.

  • 6.Sometimes, steam should be provided on the stomach.

  • 7.Take steam tub or sunlight once in a feeble.8.Sexy foot tub is also beneficial .

  • 9.Drinking of raw milk is great.

  • 10.Can Pranayama like Anuloom Viloom, Sitali, Sheetkari and Chandrabhedi pranayama.

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