GoDaddy Website Builder vs WordPress – Which One is Better?

You are trying to figure out which one to use? GoDaddy website builder and WordPress?

WordPress is the engine behind more than 43 percent of websites However, GoDaddy is also a top choice. It is possible to use any of these tools to build your own website as well as an online store.

In this post, we’ll look at the comparison between GoDaddy website builder with WordPress with their pros and cons so that you can determine which is the best option to build your new project.

We’ll be looking into how to use the GoDaddy website builder and WordPress from several different angles. You can click on this link to go into a specific section.

  • Overview
  • Usability
  • Maintaining Your Website
  • Commerce Features
  • SEO
  • Pricing

GoDaddy Website Builder vs WordPress: Overview

GoDaddy Website Builder is a one-stop solution that also includes web hosting. It is simple to build websites with the GoDaddy editor, and then click “Publish” to publish your website.

However the ease of use comes at a cost. Since your site is hosted on the servers of GoDaddy you must adhere to all rules limitations, terms, and conditions of service. Also, you’re restricted by the tools and features which GoDaddy offers.

If you’re planning to switch platforms at any time and you’re not sure how to transfer your site from the GoDaddy’s website builder WordPress. This could be a major issue when you require more sophisticated capabilities or the ability to adapt as your business expands.

If you are looking to build a basic website in a short time you can do it with the GoDaddy Website Builder is a one-stop solution that allows you to build your website in just a few only a few minutes.

In contrast, WordPress is a free software that can be installed on your own hosting account.

NOTE:In this guide, we’re looking at comparing GoDaddy to self-hosted websites and in contrast to blogs. For more information you can refer to our guide on the different between and

If you decide to go with WordPress and you choose to host your site on WordPress, you can select the plan and hosting service provider with the most to offer your specific project. If your requirements shift, most of the most reliable WordPress hosting companies permit you to update your account, or even transfer WordPress to a different hosting provider.

The world’s most well-known content management system it is possible to find all types of hosting plans that can be utilized to run your WordPress project. With that in mind you shouldn’t have any trouble selecting a hosting service that is suitable for your budget and needs.

If you’re looking for an easy and flexible website builder, WordPress is a fantastic option.

GoDaddy Website Builder in comparison to WordPress: User-Friendliness

Many people who want to build a website aren’t developers, therefore the ease of use is a major consideration when selecting a web-building tool.

WordPress can be found on more than percent of the websites. This is a lot of people with different levels of proficiency. Not surprisingly, WordPress is relatively simple to use, and is a good choice for beginners.

There’s a little learning curve, as you’ll have to get familiar with new concepts such as themes, plugins, as well as the differences between pages and posts. pages.

The positive side is that there’s plenty of help available with plenty of free tools. For instance there’s the WPBeginner Connecte Facebook group has more than 88,000 members and is the biggest ever and fastest-growing WordPress group for non-technical users and novices on Facebook.

WPBeginner Engage is the perfect forum to ask questions and seek advice from the WordPress community.

Each theme and plugin in the main WordPress repository also have their own support forum, which means that you’ll often be able to seek help direct with the developer.

Making content on WordPress is relatively simple, due to an easy and user-friendly visual editor known as block editor. Block Editor.

Simply include blocks on your posts and pages to create stunning layouts without writing code.

If you aren’t a fan of your default WordPress editor, there are a variety options of drag and drop page builders that you can choose to use alternatively. They are available as plugins and a majority have free versions that you can test out and determine which you prefer the most.

A majority of these builders have pre-designed templates that you can incorporate into your website or begin from scratch and design your own individual design.

Although WordPress has an inclination to learn however, it is a bit more difficult to learn. web builder from GoDaddy was designed with user-friendliness in the mind of users. It also comes with a no-cost trial so that you can test it out and determine whether it’s the right choice for you.

Once you’ve created your account GoDaddy guides you throughout the procedure of creating your website.

After you have entered certain information regarding the kind of site you wish to build, GoDaddy will go ahead and build a site for you.

To modify any portion of your website, you just need to make one click. GoDaddy will then display all settings for the section you want to customize.

If you’re looking to completely alter how your website looks, you can select the tab ‘Theme.

You can select an entirely different theme. You can also alter the color schemes of your website change the font, choose another font, and so on. This way you are able to easily change the look of your site’s design.

To add additional pages to your site, click the ‘+ icon.

After that, you can create the title of the page and then click the ‘Create Page’ option.

Repeat these steps to add additional pages to your website.

You are able to create a site during the trial period however GoDaddy will include ‘ in your website’s URL.

To do this, we suggest purchasing a GoDaddy account and connect your website to a custom domain prior to pressing “Publish. For more information you can refer to the guide below on how you can register a domain.

It is evident that GoDaddy allows you to create simple websites in a matter of only a few minutes. But, you’re limited to the themes, tools and configurations available through GoDaddy offers. This may be frustrating particularly if you already have a distinct web design in your mind.

winner: WordPress is the winner in this case because it gives users the convenience of using and advanced features that can help to grow your business.

GoDaddy Website Builder vs WordPress: Maintaining Your Site

A complete solution for all your needs, GoDaddy manages a variety of maintenance on your website for you. There’s no need to worry about updating your website or installing the tools will be used to build the GoDaddy website.

This is ideal for busy entrepreneurs who do not have time to manage their website’s day-to-day maintenance. For those who are new to the field and not sure how to properly manage an online presence.

But, because everything is done automatically it isn’t possible to alter the way your site is run. This could be a challenge for owners of websites who prefer an active approach.

If you select WordPress the possibility is that you will be responsible for certain, or all of the tasks related to maintaining your website according to the hosting service you choose.

The positive side is that the majority of well-known WordPress hosting companies simplify these tasks. Many companies provide installation with one click for WordPress or you could learn from our beginner’s guide to how to correctly set up WordPress.

Some hosting providers install the latest versions of WordPress in a timely manner, while other hosting providers provide updates via one-click. Another alternative is to allow automatic updates to WordPress for the latest versions to ensure that new versions are installed immediately.

As you can see, with a little bit of planning, there are ways to keep the health of your WordPress website without investing lots of time and effort. There is also the option to work with an managed WordPress hosting service like WPEngine that will handle all day-today maintenance for you.

winner: Tie – as both WordPress as well as the GoDaddy website builders are easy to keep up to date.

GoDaddy Website Builder vs WordPress: eCommerce Features

In the event that you accept reservations or offer services visitors are able to make an appointment on your GoDaddy website regardless of which plan you’re using. If, however, you wish to take payments, you’ll need to sign up for GoDaddy’s eCommerce service, which costs $18.69 per month.

After you upgrade into the eCommerce program, it is possible to are able to accept payments with debit and credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay as well as Google Pay.

You can also post product descriptions and build your own online store.

GoDaddy’s GoDaddy website builder gives you a variety of shipping options. You can also include banners on your website which are perfect to promote your sales and special deals.

You’ll also get access to hundreds of professionally-designed website templates.

With its pre-designed designs and simple eCommerce features, GoDaddy’s website builder is easy to use. GoDaddy web builder can be an excellent choice for those who want to open a store fast or offer a limited number of items.

In default WordPress isn’t equipped with eCommerce capabilities, however it does include a number of sophisticated eCommerce plugins. These include WooCommerce which is the engine behind greater than 40 percent of the online shops and has become among the most well-known online shopping platforms that works with WordPress.

With WooCommerce it is easy to quickly and quickly build your own online shop and sell any type of product such as physical products such as membership plans, physical products, or affiliate items.

In its own way, WooCommerce is already a strong eCommerce platform however, you can also add additional capabilities by installing top WooCommerce extensions. There are numerous WordPress themes to help you build a store that represents your brand.

If you are looking to market digital downloads, such as ebooks and online courses Then the Easy Digital Downloads allows you to offer any type sort of digital product and then accept the payment via Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.


Once you’ve built an online store, you’ll be able to make use of WordPress extensions, plugins, and services to advertise your store and increase sales. For instance, you could develop clever coupons or use page builders plug-ins, to design an online sales page that converts and then make use of WordPress pop-ups to draw the customer’s focus.

The wide range of eCommerce plugins, add-ons and themes give WordPress an edge over GoDaddy when it comes to trying to build the perfect online retail store.

winner: WordPress effortlessly wins this contest because it provides more robust eCommerce features and payment options that work across the globe.

GoDaddy Website Builder vs WordPress: SEO

If you’re hoping to drive more traffic to your website It’s crucial to select an SEO-friendly site builder.

GoDaddy offers built-in SEO tools to assist you in identifying keywords that people use to search for sites similar to yours. It is as easy as answering some simple inquiries and GoDaddy will suggest keywords which could bring more people to visit your website.

Once you have selected those keywords, GoDaddy will help you incorporate them into different areas of your website.

This involves including the keyword to the page’s title as well as editing the description for your site.

The GoDaddy dashboard provides some ideas on how to enhance your website’s search engine optimization.

Click on one of these options , and GoDaddy will walk you through how to change the settings.

These SEO tools are quite straightforward, yet they’re very easy to utilize. Even if you’re unfamiliar with SEO GoDaddy will show exactly how to do certain essential optimizations.

Comparatively, WordPress’ built-in SEO tools are more sophisticated and efficient.

You can make customized URLs and arrange your content according to categories, apply tags to blog posts include alt text for images and more making use of the built-in settings.

Additionally there are a lot of SEO plugins for WordPress which can aid you in fine-tuning every aspect of your website.

You can, for instance, make use of a complete WordPress SEO plugin, such as The All-in-One SEO (AIOSEO) and optimize your website without the need for an specialist.

Utilizing AIOSEO you can include titles, meta descriptions as well as focus keywords as well as receive pages analysis recommendations you can apply to optimize your blog posts. You can also monitor and manage redirects with AIOSEO’s plugin.

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