Getting MBBS Higher Studies Degree in Canada

Getting an MBBS Higher Studies Degree in Canada

In Canada Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is not actually MBBS. Students in Canada are offered MBBS degrees to have expertise as a  Doctor of Medicine of which the length is of 3-5 years. In most of Canadian medical universities having a bachelor’s degree is not necessary for a student.

An immigrant can begin his/her studies without getting a bachelor’s degree in another field apart from the medical field. So, if you are also trying hard to find how to become a doctor then doing your MBBS study in Canada will be a good option and you will also acquire all the required stuff that you need to know.

In Canada, all universities offer 4 years of degree programs except McMaster University and the University of Calgary offer three years of medical degree program. In Canada, only 18 universities are providing medical degrees in Canada.

Why study MBBS in Canada?

  • Canadian universities are offering perceived certifications to understudies in MBBS with an additional extent of exploration.
  • The MBBS degrees from the colleges of Canada gives a rumored globally acknowledged practitioner training in MBBS.
  • In the Universities of Canada the course of MBBS is taught by very capable and exceptionally gifted teachers and instructors.
  • The course of MBBS in Canada offers a multicultural climate as the Universities of Canada are open for global understudies from various areas of the planet.
  • In Canada clinical schools give an incredible openness to global understudies.
  • The clinical schools in Canada have exceptional research centers to give reasonable information inside understudies.
  • The Canadian Universities have a ton of roomy grounds regions with scholarly structures, they additionally give outfitted lodging rooms to global understudies.
  • The best MBBS universities in Canada additionally have gigantic libraries with assortments of different course books, references, diaries, books, and so forth.
  • The Canadian clinical universities are very reasonable when contrasted with the clinical schools of Russia or MBBS Colleges in the United States of America.
  • The charges of MBBS courses in Canada are very lower than in different nations.
  • The universities of Canada give amazing open positions to clinical understudies and an agreeable way of life.
  • Best clinical Canadian universities additionally give grants or understudy loans to meriting and qualified understudies which are devoted towards their review.

Top Universities for Medical Study in Canada

  1. University of Toronto

University of Toronto was established in 1827 as a public Canadian university. At this university 80% of students get to learn undergraduate level of studies. Each year many students from 160 countries come to study MBBS in the University of Toronto. The main traffic of students comes from top countries like China, India and the U.S. Educational costs are higher for global students.

  1. McMaster University

In 1887 McMaster University was established as a public university. It has many branches across the country. Its primary branch is present in a rural neighborhood of Ontario, Hamilton which is close to the western edge of Lake Ontario and also is close enough to the border of the United States. The different branches of the same university are situated in Kitchener-Waterloo, downtown Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara.

  1. Mcmaster University

The international students come to this university from 75 different countries to study MBBS in Canada. For non Canadian students the cost of medical study is slightly higher. School worked student housing is open, with decisions including themed living organizations, for instance, an all-female organization, a strong unique living organization and an overall perspectives organization.

  1. College of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is a public foundation arranged in the Canadian area of British Columbia. The school was set up in 1908 and opened in 1915. It has two essential grounds – the Vancouver grounds and the Okanagan grounds arranged in Kelowna.

The Vancouver grounds is the greater of the two, obliging more than 85% of UBC students. In a continuous year, 23% of students at the Vancouver grounds and around 13% at the Okanagan grounds were around the world.

  1. McGill University

McGill University is a public association that was laid out in 1821 and is arranged in Quebec, Canada. The school has two grounds: the midtown grounds in Montreal and the Macdonald grounds in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.

The two grounds are around 20 miles isolated. The major advantage of getting an mbbs degree in Canada at this university is that the essential language of instruction is English. Why am I saying so? The majority of the students and teachers speak French and use French for communicating to each other as their first language. Students from more than 150 different countries move to Montreal university to study Medical science.

Getting MBBS Higher Studies Degree in Canada
Getting MBBS Higher Studies Degree in Canada

Cost of MBBS in Canada

Canada is among the tier 1 countries which makes it expensive to live in. If you are moving to Canada as an immigrant then you would require to spend more money on different things to live in Canada. While planning to study MBBS in Canada be prepared to cope with various costs involved in different things. Medical study isn’t that easy. An immigrant has to clear many exams for medical study.

  • While getting admission in Canadian college you would require to spend bucks on admission form, health insurance ( having a health insurance is mandatory), study visa and the cost of traveling that would require you to spend CAD 6000 – CAD 67000.
  • An immigrant has to spend more money as compared to the Canadian citizen on studies. The charges for medical study varies from one university to another as they rely upon fee structure and the position of the institute. The fee for medical study ranges from INR 14 Lakh to INR 60 Lakh for Indian immigrants.
  • Moreover, the cost of living in Canada includes attire, books, convenience, food and other additional expenses. To live in Canada an immigrant has to spend between CAD 11,000 – CAD 21,000 each month.


Canada is the best country to study medical science. Most of the Canadian universities have ranked in the list of top 30 universities among the world’s best universities to complete higher education. Getting a medical degree in Canada will help you to get a reputed degree which will also allow you to find numerous job opportunities for yourself. Moreover, just after completing the graduation students are also offered direct placements which is the bonus point.


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