Free Conference Call in Australia

Free Conference Call in Australia

Are you looking for the best conference call service in Australia? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll go over how to use FreeConference, Communique APAC, and Telstra Easycall. We’ll also discuss how to set up a conference call account for yourself and your colleagues. Then, you’ll learn which one suits you best. You’ll have a call in 5 minutes, and can even invite your colleagues.

Telstra Easycall

The ease of use of the Telstra EasyCall makes it easy for people with vision impairments to participate in a conference call. This handset features big buttons, easy-to-read numbers, and a built-in torch light. It’s Blue Tick certified, which means that it provides superior coverage in remote and regional areas. It also includes an alarm feature, which can be programmed to call up to five pre-assigned numbers and send a text message to three others.

Free Conference Call in Australia

Free Conference Call in Australia

To use a conference call on a Telstra EasyCall in Australia, you’ll need an iPhone and a connection to a Wi-Fi network. Your iPhone must be powered on and connected to cellular or Wi-Fi. You can also use your Apple Watch, but you need to switch on Wi-Fi calling in your settings. For Apple Watch users, you’ll need to sync your contacts in order to make calls to people you know. To do so, go to Settings > Voice and video calls> Call providers.

Communique APAC

The Communique APAC conference call features live streaming, audience engagement and exhibitor booths that replicate the experience of a live event. Attendees can view literature and demos from participating exhibitors while chatting live with the representative. Keynote speeches and seminars are delivered live or on-demand, and attendees can engage with sponsors, event hosts, and other attendees. In addition, Communique’s interactive features allow users to connect with other participants, ask questions, and make comments.


Cisco recently announced that it is investing US$20 million in a data center in Sydney, Australia to cater to the growing demand for WebEx. In 2018, WebEx users in Australia recorded 230 million meeting minutes, a record high for a country with a small population. To meet this demand, Cliftons is implementing Cisco’s WebEx Calling solution, which combines cloud calling and advanced messaging. It also introduced a new suite of tools called Cisco WebEx Meetings and Webex Teams Boards.

As for features, the Webex software has a wide variety of video conferencing features, but you must remember that its free plan only allows you to hold meetings for 50 minutes, making it unsuitable for team meetings. Also, if you plan to use desktop sharing, Webex requires that each meeting participant download an application. These limitations may make Webex less reliable for larger businesses and clients. So, it’s best to check if the alternative you’re considering provides robust customer support.


Are you looking for a free conference call in Australia? You’re in luck! Several conference call providers offer services that are free for Australian businesses. You’ll be able to join a meeting in minutes with a toll free number. Or, you can sign up for a desktop share or premium conference call and upgrade to add video and audio.This article will provide a list of options to help you choose a conference call service.

Once you’ve decided on a provider, you can begin making calls to other participants immediately. There are no long-distance or connection fees, and you can use your conference call right away. To set up your first call, just dial the access number for your region. Then, provide the conference code and you’ll be connected. If the call is free, you can invite as many people as you want to join.


The Telstra Conference call in Australia is an opportunity for investors to hear about the company’s recent financial results and future plans. Telstra is a telco in Australia that is aiming to become carbon neutral by the end of the year, using overseas projects to reduce its emissions. In a recent press release, Telstra announced that it would become carbon neutral by the end of the year, gaining formal certification from the federal government’s Climate Active Program.

The Telstra Conference call in Australia is a convenient three-way facility. The facility costs $19.95 for a standard three-way conference call. If you need more than three people to participate, you can daisy chain two calls together. However, the quality of audio will begin to decline once the number of participants exceeds four. To get around this limitation, you can use call-waiting to connect two daisy chains, allowing you to build long chains in parallel without risking the quality.

Options for international conference calling

For businesses based in Australia, you have several options when choosing a conference call service. First of all, you need to find a service that allows international conference calling in Australia. Communique APAC, for example, offers a robust conference calling service for business users, with local and Toll-Free access numbers for participants located in 107 countries worldwide. Additionally, this service offers no minimum usage and no contract, set-up or monthly fees. Finally, the service also offers a wide range of features, including a local or global conference call leader and a chat room for attendees to communicate with one another.

Depending on the purpose of your call, you may be interested in using an international toll-free number to conduct your conference call. However, this option isn’t available for everyone, so make sure to check with your conference calling provider before choosing a toll-free number. The cost of international conference calls can add up quickly, so make sure you plan ahead for these costs before selecting a service. However, these services are expensive and may not be right for your business needs.


Updated: August 11, 2022 — 5:05 pm

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