Data Science Degree in France

Data Science Degree in France


The French Universities offer different types of degree programs in various fields such as medicine, food and cuisine, fashion and Science and technology. Every year more than 1.5 million students take admission in French Universities to complete their higher education.

Among that large number 10% are international students, from different countries. Last year a report published by Indeed, that every year the demand for data scientists increases by 25% in the job market.

French is a hub spot for the many Data Science-related job opportunities. A degree in data science in France will pay off, an annual salary of an expert data scientist is about EUR 40,000. Whereas, in the capital of France the pay is around Euro 47K for an expert. The language of instruction is English in most of the French Universities due to the high frequency of international students.

Cost of Studying Data Science in France

France is a European country which is also among the tier 1 countries. The initial cost required to study data science in France is usually around € 20K per semester. The cost of education also depends on several other parameters such as the location of the institute, city or town, miscellaneous fees and many others.

The public universities in France usually charge € 190 per year for undergraduate degree programs. And the charges for doctoral or master’s degree in data science is € 396 per year.

In the private French Universities the cost for degree programs in data science is about €1500 to € 20K for both international and local students.

Top 5 French Universities for Data Science

  1. Toulouse Business School

At this French University students are offered master’s degrees in marketing, management and big data. It’s the first University in our list of best data science Universities in France offering courses in English language. They are focused on offering their students a competitive edge in fields such as computer science, economics, and management. It collaborates with top-notch businesses and industry leaders.

  1. CentraleSupélec and ESSEC Business School

This University is giving the program of MSc in Data Sciences and Business Analytics. In this college the language of guidance is English. This University is Managed by employees from two of the highest level colleges in Europe (ESSEC Business School and CentraleSupélec). This program of Master’s in Data Science offers a wide scope of information, remembering for business investigation and computerized systems to the understudies.

On the off chance that you are keen on getting an information science certification in France, CentraleSupélec and ESSEC Business School is the best college in France to review from International understudies. Because of its excellent design and training, the program for information science study was positioned third worldwide and first in Europe by QS. The French government has additionally authorised this program of graduate degree in information science which implies that worldwide understudies can promptly work in their nation or seek doctoral investigations after graduation. In this graduate degree program the greater part of the understudies as of now have an instructive foundation and work insight in the fields of Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Economics.

  1. École Polytechnique and HEC Paris

This college is offering the MSc Data Science For Business program to their understudies. The language which is utilized by them in Instruction is English. This college is offering a two-year Master’s certificate in Data Science program that is ideal for global understudies who need to update their abilities in numerous different fields, particularly in the field of information science and business the board.

In the primary year of the program this college will zero in on logical and numerical courses, which are normally led at École Polytechnique. Understudies will likewise get a four-month entry level position in notable organizations in the field of information science. In the second year the understudies will remain at HEC Paris to apply their new information on hypothetical and vital reasoning to tackle complex issues in various fields during the entry level position program. The understudies are offered three specialization tracks in the second semester which are information director, information business visionary, and information expert.

  1. EDHEC Business School

This college is offering the degree program of MSc in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. The language of Instruction utilized by them is English. Understudies who have graduated are viable in planning understudies in the work environment from EDHEC Business School’s Data Science program with a 91% employability rate in Europe. The program presented by this college to the understudies is centered around creating independent direction and decisive reasoning abilities of understudies. This University assists understudies with updating their quantitative examination abilities which gives valuable open doors in the field of exploration. The program presented by this college has two unique highlights. The principal include is the 4 to a half year temporary position offer by this college that assists understudies with extending organizations and set profession ways at a global scale. The subsequent component is the Master Project in which the understudies will have the amazing chance to apply their insight in doing applied research. The vitally engaged fields of this college are man-made consciousness, client knowledge and investigation, information perception, web examination, and information security. The projects by this college have likewise been perceived universally.

  1. SKEMA Business School

In SKEMA business school, students are offered master’s degrees programs in data analysis, business and management in English language. In 2015, they were awarded the SMBG Innovation Award due to its multi-disciplinary features. Moreover, some lucrative fields such as marketing and information technology are also covered at this university. To enhance the confidence and experience of their students, they have coordinated with big companies and organisations to ensure better job opportunities in the careers of their students.


Data Science is widely used in every other field and the demand will go further in the future. Students at the French Universities are offered quality education from the well reputed Universities with the affordable cost of both studying and living. Data science study in France will pay off all the efforts of students, due to the heavy demand of data analysts. Thanks for visiting our website, I hope that our efforts may help you.



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