How To Buy a Domain Name Anonymously ?

Are you looking to purchase an anonymous domain for your company?

If you purchase the domain the personal information is recorded on the WHOIS database, which is made accessible to the public. As a result, anyone can search for and view who is the owner of the domain.

This article will demonstrate how you can purchase domain names anonymously.

Why Should You Purchase a Domain Name in private?

If you develop your WordPress website it will require an address for your domain. It’s the URL of your website which people type into their browsers in order to go to your site.

If you do purchase domain names and register it, your personal information is stored in the publicly accessible WHOIS database. It is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) ICANN requires each domain registrar to keep the WHOIS database.

By using this database it is possible to find out who is the owner of the domain name. This includes your email address, name physical address, server’s name, DNS, and more information.

If you purchase a domain anonymously, it allows you to safeguard your private data and also use proxy information in the WHOIS database instead. In addition, you can avoid unintentional or malicious domain transfers from taking place.

In addition, having your domain in a secure manner increases your website’s online protection. It stops hackers from taking your domain, or using it to gain money.

We’ll explore ways to purchase a domain name without revealing your identity. We’ll provide three ways to conceal your information within the WHOIS database by using domain registrars and a hosting company.

You can use the links below to go to the section you prefer:

  • 1: Purchase a Domain Name anonymously using
  • 2. Purchase a Domain Names Anonymously using Bluehost

Method 1: Purchase a Domain Name anonymously using is one of the most well-known Domain name registration companies. It is simple to locate the perfect domain name for your site because it provides greater than 300 domain name extensions for websites..

With You have access to various tools to manage your domain. For instance, you can have bulk registration, quick transfers DNS management as well as an email account and much more.

To purchase a domain in a secure manner, you’ll need to go to Visit the website and type in a name into the Search bar. Once you’ve done that, just click on the Search button.

The domain registrar will check if the domain that you’re searching for is in stock and will provide the options available with various website extensions.

If the domain you want to register is in use and you have it, will include the ‘Domain Privacy + Security Add-on automatically. But, it is an additional cost that will cost the additional $8.99 per year in addition to the cost of your domain name.

It will be visible on your online shopping basket and the “Add Domain Privacy + Protection to every domain at $8.99 each year’ feature will be available. offers WPBeignner users 25% off domains as well as add-ons such as Security + Protection.

All you need to do is apply your Coupon code when you check out.

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