How to Offer an Ad-Free Version of Your WordPress Site to Subscribers?

Are you looking to sell users a premium, ad free edition on the WordPress website?

Ads help you monetize your website. You can also charge users a fee to visit your website without ads , which is similar to those on other websites that are popular.

In this post we’ll walk you through how to make an advertisement-free version of the WordPress website for users.

Why do we need an Ad-Free Version for the WordPress Site for subscribers?

One of the most effective methods to earn income online is to use different kinds of ads on your site. However, the majority of users would rather read your content and watch videos or browse your site without interruptions from ads.

While advertisements can help you earn money, eliminating them will improve the user experience. To get the most beneficial of both You can make an option for users to enroll in a premium plan, and remove all advertisements off the WordPress site.

For instance, the well-known microblogging website Tumblr provides users to enjoy a completely ad-free browsing experience by signing up to any of their paid-for plans. It can continue to offer ads to regular users and block ads for premium users.

YouTube, Hulu, and many other platforms provide ad-free experience for a limited time in exchange for a modest monthly fee.

So, let’s examine how you can create an account for subscriptions and provide an advertising-free version of the website.

The ability to create subscription plans that are ad-free in WordPress

The most effective way to set up a subscription on WordPress is through the MemberPress plugin. This is by far the most effective WordPress Membership plugin that lets you limit content according to the different user roles.

The first step is to download and then activate your MembershipPress plugin. For more information, follow our tutorial about how you can install the WordPress plugin.


After MemberPress is in use and you are logged in, visit MemberPress Settings to set up the plugin and include an online payment gateway.

Simply go to the tab for payments and click on the “+ Add Payment Method click.

MemberPress is compatible together with PayPal Standard, Stripe, Offline Payment, and straight out of the box. We suggest using Stripe. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure the method you prefer.

After you have set up an online payment service The next step is to create an membership level.

Simply visit your MemberPress > Memberships page and click on the “Add New” button.

Then, you’ll be able to provide a name and a description for your subscription plan in the uppermost part of the.

MemberPress can also let you choose the cost and expiration date the membership plans. In other words, for instance you could provide a one-time subscription, or regular payments.

Then, you’ll have to go until you reach your Optional Membership section.

This is where MemberPress allows you to edit membership settings. You can alter permissions, modify the price box and much more. Go to the advanced tab and select the “Unserroles for this Membership option.

In this section, you’ll be able to choose the WordPress user capacities are able to access the membership levels you have selected. In this case, we’ll select the role of ‘Subscriber’ for this guide.

You can click the “Publish” button when you’ve made any changes to the membership levels you have.

Repeat this procedure and set up as many levels of membership as you’d prefer. With it, you are able to create different rules and limit content on your website according to user capabilities, roles and much more.

Create an Pricing Page to Display Subscription Plans

In the next step, you’ll need establish pricing pages to sell your plans. To begin, visit MemberPress > Groups and click the Add New button.

Once you have that, you are able to create a title for the pricing page. This can also serve as a URL for your page.

From here you can scroll down to the “Group Options” section, and choose which pricing plans you want to display on the screen.

Click the+ button to add additional memberships, and then utilize the drag and drop function to arrange their orders.

MemberPress has a variety of themes that you can use that you can use for the pricing pages. You can additionally create your own CSS to design the pricing tables.

Once you’ve completed the modifications After you’ve done that, you can publish your website. You’ll be able to visit your site to view the pricing page live.

Let’s look at how you can add advertisements to your WordPress website.

Advertising on Your WordPress Website

The most effective method to manage advertisements on your site is to use AdSanity. AdSanity plugin. It’s the most efficient ad management tool to use with WordPress.

With the plugin, you are able to quickly create and manage banner ads on WordPress. In addition, it provides the ‘User Role – Ad Visibility plugin that lets users to block ads for various WordPress user role.

In the beginning, you’ll need connect and enable the plugin AdSanity. For more information, follow our tutorial for installing an AdSanity WordPress plugin.

When the plugin is activated Once the plugin is active, go to the Adsanity Settings page, and then switch to the tab called “Licenses.

Then, you must enter the key and then click the “Activate License Click Activate License. It is easy to locate the license key within your account section.

Make sure to hit the “Save Changes After you’re finished.

Then, go to Adsanity and create an Ad on your WordPress dashboard and create an advertisement.

AdSanity allows you to create any kind of advertisement. You can create an auto-hosted ad, and manually create the banners, as well as graphics.

However you can also include advertisements from other networks such as Google AdSense. It also lets advertisers schedule advertisements, choose an exact timeframe for them to be displayed or display them for a long time.

Once you’re finished when you’re done, hit the publish button.

Now you can place your advertisements anywhere on your website by using an AdSanity widget block as well as shortercodes.

One of the best locations to show banner ads is the sidebar on your website. This can increase its visibility for your advertisements and allows you to get more clicks.

Simply visit Appearance > Widgets from the WordPress admin panel. Then, click the+’ button, and then include the AdSanity Single Ad’ widget block.

Make sure you click the update button to show advertisements on your sidebar on your website. or in another widget-ready area.


How do I hide the ads of members of WordPress

You can then hide your advertisements for subscribers on WordPress by using this add-on. AdSanity Ad Visibility of User Roles extension.

In the beginning, you’ll need to navigate first to the AdSanity > Add-ons via your WordPress administrator.

Then, go to User Role Ad Visibility addon , and then select the ‘More Info Click Here.

You can sign up for the addon through the AdSanity website. Click the “Checkout” button to buy the addon.

After that, you’ll need to install and download the addon on your site. If you require assistance you can refer to our guide on how you can install the WordPress plugin.

Once the addon is activated Once the addon is active, go to AdSanity > Settings on your WordPress dashboard, then go to the licenses section.

From here, type in the key in the ‘AdSanity User ADVANCED Role’ title, and click on the “Activate License click.

The license key within your AdSanity account. After you’ve completed the process do not forget to select the “Save Changes button.

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